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Cometic Top End Gasket Set Suzuki

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  • Top end gasket kits include correct base, head gasket and cylinder O-rings as well as other top end specific O-rings or seals needed for R&R of top end
  • Materials will vary depending on what is correct and engineered for specified application
  • Purchase a top and a bottom end gasket kit for a complete gasket kit when doing a total engine rebuild
  • Some kits available with clutch and magneto cover gaskets made from EST material instead of fiber
  • MLS head gaskets promote an even torque load across the gasket sealing surface, providing less bore distortion and better piston ring seal for more power
  • 4-stroke head gaskets are made to perform on today's highest-output 4-stroke naturally aspirated and boosted machines, utilizing a multi-layered steel design with the outer layers being embossed and coated with a Viton rubber coating; these head gaskets are designed to meet the demands of today's high-horsepower, high-cylinder-pressure engines
  • EST (Extreme Sealing Technology) gasket kits include embossed stainless steel head, base and rocker gaskets covered with a proprietary rubber material
  • Head gasket material allows heat to be drawn away from the combustion ring and dissipated evenly across the gasket surface to eliminate hot spots and gasket failure
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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