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EBC XC Series Contour Floating Front Brake Rotor / Each (MD4155XC)

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XC Series Pro-Lite Contour Floating Front Brake Rotor

Ultra lightweight EBC XC series floating front brake rotors are one of the world's lightest and best performing discs available for all modern sport bikes. Floating brake rotors feature EBC's unique and patented S-Drive button system which features square-sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the rotor and hub which allow the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering rivet lock.

XC floating brake rotors are the lightest rotors available on the market. They eliminate vibration problems and last longer than conventional rotors using round button technology. The design further reduces weight by up to 300 grammes by using only six drive buttons.

XC series floating rotors feature mill hard stainless steel high friction rotor blades for maximum brake effect and are direct size replacements for OEM rotors. The design is also a true fully floating unit, offering more inside to outside float tolerance than any other rotor on the planet. Floating rotors should not be confused with rotors that feature loose rotor blades or buttons. If the buttons or rotor blades are able to move from side-to-side, it is highly likely that pad "knock back" will occur and the result is spongy brakes. Float means outside to inside heat expansion ability. This is what EBC XC rotors deliver that no other rotor can.

  • Floating brake disc with a radical, profiled contour brake rotor ring
  • Brake disc design reduces weight and increases brake effect
  • Brake disc center hubs are forged aluminum
  • Rotor construction uses high-friction billet steel
  • Universal left- or right-side application
  • SD-System™ of square-sided buttons that allow the rotor to expand inwards and outwards unrestrained for perfect rotor functionality at any speed or load and increased durability
  • TUV tested and approved

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