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EBC DRC Series Clutch Kit (DRC244)

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The Ultimate clutch rebuild for your ATV and Moto Cross machine. Stack height is the all important factor when renewing a clutch and riders are always best to buy a complete kit rather than separate single plates. Replacing just the "apparently" worn plate or plates may not even get close to rebuilding your clutch to its original stack height. All you get is clutch slip and the job has to be done again. Compare that to the guaranteed results of the EBC DRC Clutch Kit. By far the best way to go and a world number one seller, the EBC DRC Dirt Racer Clutch Kit is a total rebuild option including all driven and lined plates and new springs to completely re-set your clutch to the all important original stack height when the bike was new.
  • Anti-swell, alloy-impregnated heavy-duty cork-based facings for smooth clutch take-up
  • Allow modulation, unlike paper clutches that tend to snatch
  • Complete engine set of friction plates, HD springs and steel separator plates prevent premature driven plate wear, oil muddying and loss of stack height
  • Built with swagged aluminum carriers that spread the load on the clutch basket and prevent clutch basket "dogging"

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