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Arctiva Snow Snowmobile INSULATOR Mid-Weight Base Layer Jacket (Black)

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A proper Layering System is the key to staying warm and dry while riding. Choosing the right layering garments is the first step towards this goal. Cotton based products are absolutely not part of a Layering System. This includes sweatshirts and denim products.

During the activity of snowmobiling you generate moisture (sweat). The harder you ride, the more moisture you generate. Cotton products trap this moisture, which in turn, transmits cold directly to your body.

For more extreme temperatures, the Arctiva Insulator series provides the additional warmth required. The Insulator gear is made of a blend of micro polyester fleece/Spandex and combined with the Regulator layer, provides extra warmth in extremely cold environments.

  • Mid-weight, highly breathable, polyester fleece
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking removes moisture away from skin to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Smooth face side with high loft grid back-side creates air channels for added warmth and breathability
  • High collar for added warmth and comfort layering
  • Two hand pockets in jacket
  • Soft elastic waistband and simple slim bottom hem design for comfort in pant
  • Performance fit

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