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AKRAPOVIC Slip-On Exhaust System (Carbon) Kawasaki Ninja H2 (2015)

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Developed from the (r)evolutionary Akrapovic concept system first seen at the 2014 Intermot show, the all-new Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system is constructed from light-weight carbon-fiber and titanium to give this innovative design a noticeable weight saving. This stunning exhaust has been perfectly matched to the contours of the high-performance Kawasaki Ninja H2 and the machine can be further enhanced with the addition of the Akrapovic exhaust. Making the most of the Ninja H2's power, this unique system will deliver optimal performance from the bike and add even greater appeal through its innovative design. The Slip-On exhaust system is supplied with a light-weight carbon-fiber bracket and an easy-to-follow mounting manual. This plug-and-play system needs no remapping or other parts to make the Kawasaki Ninja H2 an even greater machine.

It's not just about peak power--Akrapovic exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire rpm range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. All Akrapovic exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled chassis dynamometers.

Technical Data Unit Stock Akrapovic Max gain
maximum power kW 143.4 at 12000 rpm 145.6 at 12000 rpm + 2.9 at 10900 rpm
HP (m) 195.0 at 12000 rpm 198.0 at 12000 rpm + 4.0 at 10900 rpm
HP (i) 192.3 at 12000 rpm 195.3 at 12000 rpm + 3.9 at 10900 rpm
maximum torque Nm 126.0 at 10900 rpm 128.0 at 10800 rpm + 2.0 at 10800 rpm
lb-ft 92.9 at 10900 rpm 94.4 at 10800 rpm + 1.5 at 10800 rpm
weight kg 8 2.3 -5.7
lb 17.6 5.1 -12.5

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