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AKRAPOVIC Muffler Repair Kit (Titanium)

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Akrapovic Muffler Repair Kits contain all the necessary parts to get your muffler back to its original brand new condition without having to replace the entire muffler. No need to buy an expensive muffler to cure a little road rash. With the muffler repair kit, you can correctly replace your muffer's bent or damaged outer sleeve. In addition to restoring your muffler's appearance, Akrapovic's muffler repair kit also allows you to restore the smooth sound and optimum power output of your Akrapovic exhaust with the same packing material that was originally supplied with your exhaust.

Repair kits are sold individually. If your Akrapovic exhaust system has two mufflers, you will need to purchase two repair kits. Simply refer to the schematic diagram that came with your exhaust system to be sure you're ordering the correct muffler repair kit for your application. Schematic diagrams for each system can also be found on Akrapovic's website at www.akrapovic com.

Muffler repair kit includes:

1 x Titanium outer sleeve (length 380mm, Q-type)
1 x prepacked damping material 335 / 420mm, 500g
2 x titanium tapes (P-TT16)
14 x rivets (P-BR1)
8 x rivets (P-BR2)
1 x heat resistant sticker (P-HST1ALM & P-HST2ALM)

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