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AKRAPOVIC GP-Style Slip-On Exhaust System (Titanium)

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Slip-Ons represent the first step in the exhaust system tuning process, and they offer a great balance between price and performance. Change the nature of your bike by adding more power, improved performance, and the unique Akrapovic sound. Everything packed in stylishly designed Slip-On exhaust systems. The GP-styled Megaphone Slip-On Line system is a high-performance system for race-oriented riders. Made from titanium, a race-proven material. The exhaust system modification results in a major boost in performance and weight reduction.

It's not just about peak power--Akrapovic exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire rpm range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. All Akrapovic exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled chassis dynamometers.

Measurements of the Akrapovic SLIP-ON system on the YAMAHA YZF R6 (without muffler insert):

Power & Torque: the R6's engine spins more freely with the Akrapovic Slip-On system, which is reflected in the power and torque curves. The amount of increased power expands as you go up the rpm range, so that at 14560 rpm the rear wheel puts out 115.7 HP. Max. increased power of 2.2. HP was measured at a screaming 14580 rpm.

maximum power kW 82.2 at 10870 rpm 83 at 14560 rpm + 0.9 at 14580 rpm
HP (m) 111.7 at 10870 rpm 112.9 at 14560 rpm + 1.2 at 14580 rpm
HP (i) 110.2 at 10870 rpm 111.4 at 14560 rpm + 1.2 at 14580 rpm
weight kg 2 0.4 -1.6
lb 4.4 0.9 -3.5
static noise level dB 98 104 6
rpm 7250 7250 0

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